scott tarulli guitar gear


A lot of people ask about my various rigs for live shows and studios. This varies depending on the job and the specific sound I'm going for.

Below is a roundup of the gear I typically use.



I also have a collection of guitars that include Gretsch, Telecasters, Strats, Les Pauls, SGs, 335, Dan Electro, Taylor Acoustic and Nylon String Guitars. These get used a lot in the studio and live when playing as a sideman for artists looking for those specific tones. 



  • Little Walter 50 head matched with LWTA 1x12 cab with Eminence Cannabis Rex

  • Little Walter 22 head with LWTA 1x12 cab using Eminence Alessandro

  • Orange OR50

  • Orange OR15

  • Orange 2x12 cab or 1x12 cab

Of course, as a session guitarist, I have various vintage Fender Amps from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I also have vintage Marshalls, JMI Vox amps, and a few other Gems. I use these mostly in the studio to get specific tones for artists. I also bring them out live when playing as a sideman.




Iโ€™m always switching effects depending on the gig or what I feel like using. But, I always have my Xotic BB, SP, RC boosts on board. I also love their WAH pedal. Then I add various delays modulations, and even use the Moog Moogafooger and Electro Harmonix H.O.G. 2 for some really unique sounds.